The played character and weapons are defined early in the savegame (right after the settings are defined.)

The characters begin around 0x899. The weapons have been shown to start at 0x983.


Info will be added later on.


All offsets below are based after the int8 located before the string identifier.

There is a maximum of 4 weapons allocated to the player's slots.

Weapon Data

the int8 located at 0x0 tells the length of the string identifier, for example at 0x983, the int32 is 31. The string immediately follows the int32. This means the string to follow will be 31 characters. 

For example, the first weapon can is the Lancer:


The '.' that follows  "GearGame.GearWeap_AssaultRifle" is the end of the string identifier.

The following are after the String Identifier

Datatype Offset Item
Unsigned Int32 0x0 Ammo
Unsigned Int32 0x4 Current Clip
Int16 0x6 N/A

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